Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar thoughts

Well, overall, it was a great ceremony. I thought it had a classic feel to it and I was overall happy with most of the winners. Besides Meryl. Granted, I haven't seen The Iron Lady, but Viola gave a FANTASTIC performance.She deserved it.And I can't help but think it was mostly a career award. My hope is Viola will come back in another DESERVING film/performance and win, but who knows when that could be and could just be a makeup award for this loss. On the other hand, it's nice to see a surprise. Anyway, Hugo's early sweep of the techies was signaling a dim Best Picture win, but then The Artist roared back with wins for B.D and B.A. Yay for Midnight In Paris and The Desendants! My two favorite films of the year! And great for Octavia, though I wanted Berence Bejo to win.

Well, I think this was a year when none of the movies looked that fantastic, but the ones I've seen were all pretty great. I'm fine with The Artist, but was it really the best of the year? Nope.But still, great ceremony and I really hope Viola will win soon!