Sunday, February 22, 2015

87th Oscar Predictions

Hello everyone! I have been long absent all season long and I honestly will not be doing too much blogging for quite a while because I am a full time performing arts student and I don't have any time for  it unfortunately. However, this does not mean I haven't been watching films or  following the Oscar season this year, even though I have not seen nearly as much as I would have liked.  And I'll be posting my predictions here although it's an extradinarily  difficult year  for predictions and I may not do as well last year, but hopefully I won't do terribly.

Best Picture:  Although Boyhood was the overwhelming frontrunner for most of the season and I know voters like the film, I don't think it will win.  The across the board support for Birdman at the guilds is very strong and although it's not a loveable movie per se,  that support I think will trump the reception to Boyhood, which many have been underwhelmed by.  This is a close race though and if support for these films could split and The Grand Budapest or Whiplash could benefit from that. But I'm sticking with Birdman.

Best Director:   The DGA award is a huge statistic that can't be looked over and I feel that Alejandro will win even though Linklater has a lot of admiration as well as  winning all the other precursor awards besides the DGA, but the DGA is just too strong of a precursor to go against. I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong here though.

Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne is most likely winning. Michael  Keaton does have a chance  of winning and there's a lot of support for him in the industry, but he has lost too much momentum to Eddie after his SAG win and the performance is so in the Academy's wheelhouse: It's such a baity, transformative role. Some are thinking that Cooper could surprise, but I don't think he will unless this race is much tighter then it looks.

Best Supporting Actor: J.K Simmons is winning. Moving on...

Best Actress: Julianne Moore will most likely  finally wining  an Oscar. Her performance is great, but I do wish Marion Cotillard could have won this year. It's bittersweet  since Moore is one of the best actresses out there, but Marion was amazing.  I'll be cheering though if Moore wins (Which she most likely will).

Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette is winning. Moving on...

Best Original Screenplay: Grand Budapest will most likely win here: I think the Academy will want to honor Wes Anderson and  quircky comedies often win in this category (Her, Little Miss Sunshine, Midnight In Paris, Django Unchained). If not, then Birdman will win.

Best Adapted Screenplay: A very tricky category. I'm going with Whiplash, but the Imitation Game as well as The Theory Of Everything are strong contenders as well.

You can check out the rest of my predictions on Gold Derby!  So what are your very last minute thoughts/predictions?