Sunday, January 29, 2012

SAG predictions

Well, the Oscar nominations came out Tuesday and there were only a few surprises. I knew Tilda wouldn't make it, the movie was too little-seen.Anyway, I'm so excited for the SAG awards! They're always so fun to watch and they're the most reliable Oscar source besides BAFTA. Anyway, here are my predictions.

Best Ensemble Cast: The Help.The Artist could pull a Slumdog and win the award, but The Help is a superb example of an ensemble, a real ensemble movie. It'll be a crime if it doesn't win.

Best Actor: George Clooney.I think Pitt is fading and Dujardin has eclipsed him as a possible spolier. But I suspect this year is all about George.

Best Actress: I think Viola will win here.I don't see Meryl winning this one since she just won 3 years ago, and I feel this is Viola's moment. Beware an upset from Williams though.

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer! YAWN....

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer.I don't think she's a lock, but if she wins here, she could become one.Jessica Chastain and Melissa Mcarthy are the spoilers.

So that's it! What are your thoughts/predictions?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globe predictions

Well, the Golden Globes are finally here! I wasn't able to watch the Critics Choice awards, but their not that fun of a ceremony to watch so.... Anyway, I was surprised to see Davis win,and I think she might win again,but more on her when I get to my predictions!

My predictions are:

Best Motion Picture Drama: This is a hard race to forecast. With no Artist here,the frontrunner is a big question mark. I think The Desendants will win because it seems like the most likeley contender besides The Artist to win Best Picture eventually, but The help and Hugo are strong contenders as well.

Best Director: Michael Hazanavicius for The Artist. Even if the movie loses in Comedy category, I feel it will definteley win here.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama: George Clonney. The GG's love big stars, and although that could swing in pitt's way, I really feel Clooney will dominate this year.

Best Actress in a motion Picture dRama: Viola Davis.Her win at the Critic's choice awards has made me surprisingly certain about her frontrunner status. Meryl has a chance, but I feel Iron Lady's bad reception will really hurt her chances in the long run.

Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: The Artist will win, but an upset from BridesMaids isn't out of the question. It's too bad The Artist won't really be the "Best Picture" given it's nominated here,and if it loses, it's a major kill in it's momentum. But I do think it will win.

Best Actor in A Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: Jean Dujardin for The Artist. And he deserves it! His performance was great! This category has been known to have surprises (Robert Downy J.R for Sherlock Holmes was a huge surprise),but I'm counting on The Artist love to swoop him in.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: I thought Williams would win for sure a few days ago, but now I really think Kristen Wig has a good chance of winning for Bridesmaids. The film has a really good shot of getting an Oscar nomination,and William's performance isn't really a comic one.

Best Supporting Actor: Christioher Plummer. like it is every year, Best Supporting Actor will probably turn into a boring race with Plummer sweeping up all the awards.

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer. I'm so happy she's the frontrunner! She is terrific in The Help! An upset from Chaistain and possibly Bejo isn't unlikely though.

Best Screenplay: The Desendants. I would say Midnight In Paris, but they usually don't honor original Screenplays in this category.

So there they are! tell me your thoughts and predictions!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Critics Choice Awards Predictions

Now the Oscar Race is heating up!Frankly, I've never seen a more divided critics awards season this year. No real sweeps in any category!Anyway, I still have quite a few films to see, mainly Young Adult and Hugo.

Here's my predictions:

Best Picture: The Artist. The Desendants would get my vote,but I really like The Artist as well.But I really feel that The Artist is this year's Slumdog Millionaire, and will win this one for sure.

Best Director: Michael Hazanavicius. His vision and direction for The Artist was perfect. I'd say Terence Mallick is the spoiler.I have not seen The Tree Of Life,but it looks like it's a very ambitious and visionary film.

Best Actor: George Clooney.Although Jean Dujardin and Brad Pitt have strong chances too, I think this is George's personal choice is Dujardin though.

Best Actress: The hardest race to call.Michelle Williams would be the most logical choice given she's been sweeping the Critics Awards,but Carey Mulligan lost this award to Meryl and Sandra Bullock and she swept up all the critics awards too.Viola might win,but I don't see her winning here by herself at least.Meryl and Viola could tie,and I think this is the most likely result. Either that or Michelle winning. As you can see, I have no idea!!!

Best Supporting Actor: Either Christopher Plummers or Albert Brooks.I'd give the edge to Plummer, but I wouldn't be surprised if Brooks won. I've seen neither of they're films, so fill me in if you have!!!!

Best Supporting Actress:Jessica Chastain! i could see Octavia Spencer winning, and I love her in The Help,but I think Jessica will be honored here due to all her work this year.I'm wondering if she could be this year's Kate Winslet, and be nominated for another film.Anyone who has seen Take Shelter or Tree Of Life, fill me in!

Best Original Screenplay: A tough race between Midnight In Paris and The Artist,I'd give the edge to The Artist.

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Desendants, a near lock.

So there they are! The Acting categories are wide ope, besides Best Supporting Actor, but apart from that, we've got the most exciting acting races in years! Tell me your thoughts and predictions!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best Actress 1965: Elizabeth Hartman in A Patch Of Blue

Elizabeth Hartman received her 1st Oscar nomination for playing Selina Darcy,a blind girl who is living with her abusive mother Roseanne (Shelley Winters) and her indifferent Grandfather.Given her extreme loneliness,Selina goes to the park and there she meets a black man named Gordon Ralfe (Sidney Poiter) who she befriends and soon starts to help her really take charge of her condition.

A Patch Of Blue is a film I have mixed feelings on: It's a lovely story of a relationship between Poiter and Hartman's characters, but the script is sometimes too unbelievable and the scenes with Roseanne and the grandfather just don't really work.
Anyway,Elizabeth Hartman is just perfect in this movie.At first,I felt her somewhat awkward and mannered, but then I found out she never went to school,and then something clicked.Hartman is so convincing as a blind person and she makes her character's state of mind so naive and sad.As with Julie Christie, there is no one else who could have played this part.Maybe not AS perfect as Julie Christie's casting was, but it was certainly brilliant casting.

Hartman shows Selina's loneliness and longing to have someone to talk to besides her flawed relatives.She shows us how happy Selina is when Gordon Ralfe befriends her and how she slowly falls in love with him.She conveys Selina's fear and excitement on discovering the world just right, never taking one false step. Hartman makes the transformation of Selina from a shy, ignorant girl to a young woman longing for happiness wonderful and mesmerizing to watch.Her chemistry with Poiter is great too.

Elizabeth Hartman gives a luminous,wonderful performance that is the heart and soul of the film.I give her