Monday, August 15, 2011

Open Thread: Upsets

Open threads are so much fun! And this is a juicy topic! Here we go: In this open thread, we will discuss so-called oscar upsets, meaning what you think is the biggest one of all time, which one was the biggest one in a particular category, one in which you were happy that happened/happy about, and upsets that, in your opinion, were not upsets, and so on and so on.

Let's make this a long and fun conversation/debate!

My opinion on the biggest, but a thrilling upset:


dinasztie said...

Well Marion Cotillard's win was an upset (kind of) so that's my favorite upset. I loved Tilda's upset, too.

joe burns said...

I think people just were too faithful in Julie Christie, and underestimated Marion's chances. But she had knocked out Ellen Page as Christie's main competitor, but some, like me, didn't see that, so marion's win was a bigger surprise then it should have been.

Tilda had no chance until people realized that there was no other category in which Michael Clayton would win, as well as Tilda's victory at the Bafta's. But I just felt Amy Ryan would win that year. I was wrong, I guess, ha ha.