Friday, December 14, 2012

The Oscars Are On!!!

So, i haven't been posting in forever, but now I'm back!!! So the Oscar season is on and I think either Les Miserables (Can't wait to see it!) or Zero Dark Thirty will win Best Picture. I also think Daniel Day Lewis will win Best Actor as well as Anne Hathaway winning Best Supporting Actress. Best Actress is a mystery right now so we'll see. I've seen lincoln, and it was good, though really confusing!!1 I need to see it again!! Sally Field was great, she deserves a nomination and even a win!!!

So what have you seen? What are your thoughts on the race? Who do you think will win?


Louis Morgan said...

Out of the definite Best Picture nominees I've seen Argo, and Lincoln. Out of the possible I've seen Beast of the Southern Wild, Skyfall and Moonrise Kingdom.

Picture seems like toss up at the moment and many could go to Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Les Miserables, and possibly even Silver Linings Playbook.

Director is just as hard to predict with all the likely nominees being previous Oscar winners.

Actor: I do believe Day-Lewis can break the record especially since there is not anyone clear enough to stand against him, unless of course they just love Hugh Jackman or maybe Bradley Cooper.

Actress: Chastain and Lawrence both could take it. Its hard to money on either at the moment.

Supporting Actor: I could see them giving Tommy Lee Jones another Oscar easily.

Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway could easily win this, if Les Miserables gets a lot of nomination she is a definite.

joe burns said...

I agree with everything!! what do you think of Argo??

Louis Morgan said...

I liked it even though I think Affleck over did the tension just a little at the end.