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Best Actress Overall Winners: Part 5


Decided to finish this series!!!  Here's a link to my  third  post in the series on here (  and a links  to the second ( ( and first post from my retired blog, Oscarfan.

Best Actress 1995: Hmm, hard to say since I could see all the nominees besides maybe Emma Thompson having a passionate fanbase. I'll go with Elisabeth Shue, although I could be wrong. Let me know if you think so.  Dinasztie picked Shue.

Oscar Winner: Susan Sarandon

Overall Winner: Elisabeth Shue

Best Actress 1996: Another tricky one, but I'm going to go with Emily Watson in Breaking The Waves. Her performance is astounding and her fanbase is strong and loud, despite the love for McDormand out there. Dinasztie picked Watson, Fritz picked Watson, I'd pick Watson.

Oscar Winner: Frances McDormand

Overall Winner: Emily Watson

Best Actress 1997: Oh, this is an easy one. Judi Dench clearly takes the crown here as the overall winner these days, with Hunt's win becoming one of the most hated and infamous in the Academy's  history. Dinasztie picked Helena Bonham Carter.

Oscar Winner: Helen Hunt

Overall Winner: Judi Dench

Best Actress 1998: Another no-brainer and another queen taking the prize: Cate Blanchett has even been asked about her infamous loss to Gwyneth Paltrow, whose career immediately took a turn for the worse after this and she's now one of the most unpopular actresses around. Fritz picked Blanchett, Dinasztie picked Montenegro.

Oscar Winner: Gwyneth Paltrow

Overall Winner: Cate Blanchett

Best Actress 1999: Well, here comes a nice change of pace from the Oscar winner losing out in the last previous three years: Swank's win is regarded as one of the best winners in this category and one of the best choices the Academy has ever made. Alex picked Swank.

Oscar Winner: Hillary Swank

Overall Winner: Hillary Swank

Best Actress 2000:  Sadly, we can't say the same for Julia Roberts, another extremely disliked win (and IMO, unfairly). People have been saying Ellen Burstyn was robbed for years.  Alex picked Burstyn.

Oscar Winner: Julia Roberts

Overall Winner: Ellen Burstyn

Best Actress 2001: Berry's win/speech is ridiculed all over the Oscar fan world and beyond, but it's hard to say who the overall winner is. Perhaps the then perceived favorite Sissy Spacek? Or maybe even Nicole Kidman? I'll go with Spacek. Fritz picked Nicole, Dinasztie picked Berry, Alex picked Nicole.

Oscar Winner:  Halle Berry

Overall Winner: Sissy Spacek

Best Actress 2002: Kidman's win is largely panned here, but in my mind, not as much as the previous winners I've mentioned, although maybe that's just around here? I think Lane and Zellweger have their fans, but in most people's minds, this is Moore's year, as it should have been at the Oscars as well. Fritz picked Moore, I picked Moore, Dinasztie picked Moore.

Oscar Winner: Nicole Kidman

Overall Winner: Julianne Moore

Best Actress 2003: Charlize Theron's win is widely regarded as highly deserved and her performance is indeed  stunning. I'm sure the other nominees have their fans though. I picked Theron, Dinasztie picked Theron.

Oscar Winner: Charlize Theron

Overall Winner: Charlize Theron

Best Actress 2004: SIGH... Back to the hated wins. Swank's turn in Million Dollar Baby is another unpopular victory. Staunton has her supporters, but Winslet is no doubt the winner here. Fritz picked Staunton, I picked Winslet,  Dinasztie picked Winslet.

Oscar Winner: Hillary Swank

Overall Winner: Kate Winslet

Best Actress 2005: And yet another disliked win this year with Reese Witherspoon's Oscar win for Walk The Line. Felicity Huffman is the overall winner easily.

Oscar Winner: Reese Witherspoon:

Overall Winner: Felicity Huffman.

Best Actress 2006: A hard one to call because most people don't feel that Helen should have won, but her win isn't hated either.  And all the other nominees have their supporters: it  was a fantastic year in this category after all. I'll go with Judi Dench.  I picked Dame Judi, Dinasztie picked Dame Judi.

Oscar Winner: Helen Mirren

Overall Winner: Judi Dench

Best Actress 2007: Not everyone goes gaga over Cotillard's win, but that doesn't mean she isn't still the overall winner here. Many call her performance one of the best ever and I count myself as a fan of her work here. Fritz picked Marion, Alex picked Marion, Dinasztie picked Marion.

Oscar Winner: Marion Cotillard

Overall Winner: Marion Cotillard

And that's it  until Part 6!! You guys agree with my analysis? Who do you think are the overall winners in each of these years?


Andrew Dubay said...

So with these group of ladies I think
Hunt and Paltrow both won because of being popular and campaigning. They both beat out better actresses, but I think since , Paltrow has shown she is a fine actress and Hunt has never been that bad of a blemish.
Sarandon , Mcdormand, Roberts , Kidman, Mirren all are the women who were honored for their body of work , they may have been the most deserving or not , they won because it was their time.
Wistherspoon, Cottilard both fill the young and popular category , they were both super buzzed and super popular, I think that Cottiard was far more deserving thus its more favorably looked back upon.
Now Berry – I don’t think she was the best in that year , But I do think she needed to win, we needed to have an African American woman win. It was shameful we hadn’t yet had one. She did a good job at the right time and she was awarded. I think she deserved to be in the top five even if personally she wasn’t my number 1 pick but with history as it was I am happy with her win.

Andrew Dubay said...

Oh Theron and Swank #1 – deserved to win and was the most popular
Swank #2 – I am in the minority of people that think she completely deserved to win for this aswell… Although I would have preferred Benning to win for American Beauty and then Swank to just win the once for Million Dollar Baby

joe burns said...

Paltrow's win was certainly due to her being the new, young actress on the rise starring in a very popular film that was gaining more and more momentum throughout the season. Hunt was the only American in the race(sometimes that helps, look at Marissa Tomei) and benefitted from too many things going against her competition: Dench's role was somewhat overshadowed by Conelly's role and Mrs. Brown had no Oscar support, Bonham-Carter's performance was probably too subtle for Oscar voters and they thought she'd have other chances in the near future, Winslet was hurt by Titanic being honored in so many other categories and Stuart had the better chance at gaining an acting win then she did and it was still only her second nomination and she was 22, Christie had no chance what so ever of winning.

I personally feel McDormand's win was less about her body of work, and more based on the popularity of her performance and film and yes, she was more well known then Blethyn.