Monday, July 24, 2017

Best Actress Overall Winners: Part 6

Moving right along to the finish line! Please  feel free to comment on and check out Part 5 below! I updated it to include Fritz's, Dinasztie's, Alex's, and my own choices for the years in which I've/they've  done profiles on and which races I have opinions on who I think the winner should have been  currently even though I have not done a profile yet. I would have included all of Sage's too, but since she deleted  some of her Best Actress posts/rankings and a great amount of time has passed since she posted all of her rankings when she concluded the category, I can't  definitively  consider   the majority of them her choices anymore, unless I get clarification from her. Anyway, we miss you Sage and hope you're doing well!!

Best Actress 2008: This one is hard, because I haven't heard too many opinions on the race in general- Some dislike Winslet, others don't, so I'd say she's split down the middle. Streep has more detractors then supports and Jolie even more so. That leaves Hathaway and Leo- I guess I'll go with Leo? Fritz picked Winslet, Alex picked Streep, I need to rewatch all of them to get a definitive opinion on my thoughts.

Oscar Winner: Kate Winslet

Overall Winner:  Melissa Leo

Best Actress 2009: Sandra Bullock's win is one of the biggest WTF winners in many  people's minds, but on a rewatch of a chunk of the film a few weeks ago, I personally liked the performance film much more then when I saw it the first time all those years ago. Who would have thought? Anyway, she still is no overall winner. I'll go with Mulligan, despite strong support for Sidibe and Streep. Dinasztie went with Streep, Alex went with Mulligan.

Oscar Winner: Sandra Bullock

Overall Winner: Carey Mulligan

Best Actress 2010: It's getting to the point that the more recent the winners become, the harder it is to judge who is the most popular winner these days. This is a strong lineup though, so I think you could find any of the nominees being someone's pick. I'll just go with Portman for now, but feel free to help me on this guys!  Dinasztie went with Portman , Alex went with Portman, and  although I never completed this year officially , I think Kidman was the best of the nominees.

Oscar Winner: Natalie Portman

Overall Winner: Natalie Portman

Best Actress 2011:  Ah, the year Meryl finally won her third Oscar. I think you can find people that both love and hate the performance, but despite some support for Williams, I think Davis is the overall winner here.  Dinasztie picked Meryl, Alex picked Meryl as well.

Oscar Winner: Meryl Streep

Overall Winner: Viola Davis

Best Actress 2012: Lawrence's win is largely disliked now it seems, unfairly IMO, but there you go. I think Chastain has some love out there, but Riva probably is most people's pick nowadays. Alex picked  Riva, Dinasztie picked Riva as well. Sage has stated Chastain is her pick.

Oscar Winner: Jennifer Lawrence

Overall Winner: Emanuelle Riva

Best Actress 2013: Cate Blanchett won the Oscar and her win is hugely popular.  Alex  went with Blanchett and for me it's a tossup between Blanchett and Adams, with a nod to Streep.

Oscar Winner: Cate Blanchett

Overall Winner: Cate Blanchett

Best Actress 2014: I get the impression most consider Julianne's win a makeup award, but I don't think she is disliked for her win. I'll go with Pike as the overall winner.  I haven't seen Witherspoon yet, but both Pike and Cotillard are amazing. I think Cotillard deserved it the most. Sage stated her choice is Julianne Moore.

Oscar Winner: Julianne Moore

Overall Winner: Rosamund Pike

Best Actress 2015: This is the second to most recent win, so it's hard to say who the overall winner is. Certainly not Jennifer Lawrence or Cate Blanchett. I'll just give this one to Rampling, lol. Alex picked Rampling.

Oscar Winner:  Brie Larson

Overall Winner: Charlotte Rampling

Best Actress 2016: Stone's win seems destined to become unpopular, but as I've noted again and again, it's a bit too soon to be definitive about who most think should have won this year. I'll pick  Portman  and Huppert in a tie for now. Louis gave his personal Best Actress award to Emma Stone and Alex picked Streep.

Oscar Winner: Emma Stone

Overall Winner:   TIE- Natalie Portman & Isabelle Hubbert

So, that's it!! Feel free to comment on your thoughts about these years and who your personal winners are, if you disagree with me, and more!


Andrew Dubay said...

I think that Kate , Sandra, Meryl and Julianne wins were all “MAKE-UP” wins . I think they are all veterans and they either hadn’t won or it had been too long and they were honored for these years. I think that for the most part they are fine winners (I haven’t seen Julianne) I wouldn’t have personally picked Meryl or Sandra but their performances were both good.

Jennifer, Emma , Brie – The young ones, I think time will tell whether they were fully deserving … I think they all are great and did good jobs, I wouldn’t have picked Jennifer or Emma but I don’t think their work was that sub par that there should be hate , I think the hate for them is silly and childish . People win Oscars for all sorts of reasons and being a part of the moment is important, while Riva , Rampling and Huppert may have given stunning performances they weren’t apart of the popular conversation , and while I am not saying to win someone has to be popular I think there is something to be said for someone getting more attention based on their public persona .I just think that on these movie web sites people get so fanatic over these older actresses and then they try and diminish the amazing performances these younger girls are giving and they try to discredit them . I personally don’t always agree but I almost never feel as vehemently angry and most people do about these things when it comes to acting … I get very angry about best picture but less so about acting because I believe it’s more subtle and can be viewed differently by others.
Portman and Blanchett I think were both a bit different than the others, I think Natalie was young but doesn’t have that super new quality since she has been around forever. And cate had already won but it doesn’t feel like an achievement like Sandra or Kate. I think in both of their cases they were the most popular at the time and the most deserving so I think that’s why they are viewed probably the most favorably.

joe burns said...

I don't think Sandra's win a makeup win- She may have been overdue for Hollywood's recognition and was considered America's Sweetheart for much of her career, but she had received no previous Oscar nominations before this, so there was nothing to make up for per se. As for Moore, Winslet, and Streep, yes, those can be considered makeup wins, although I feel that there is a difference between somebody being overdue and somebody being awarded because they should not have lost before. Moore and Streep I feel are in the latter, Winslet is in the former IMO.

Yeah, I agree young actresses often get trashed for their performances- I personally really liked Lawrence's performance in Silver Linings Playbook and I think she gets trashed to a certain extent because of how popular she was and still is now. People naturally resent someone who not only became a star over night, but become a pop culture sensation. I can't speak for Larson because I have not seen the film, but I think her win was the result of weak competition in terms of who would win the Oscar and that Room was the most popular film of the nominees's films that year and the Academy does like to award ingenues. As for Stone, I thought she was quite good, I don't mind her win that much, but I get why some could dislike it.

joe burns said...

As for Portman, I think her win isn't fiercely hated or fiercely loved, most seem to be indifferent or like the performance? I'd have to probe some more opinions though.

Blanchett was praised immensely at the time and still is- She wasn't overdue per se, but you could say she was overdue for a Best Actress Oscar especially after all those nominations in between and added respect for her theatre work between her last two nominations and her turn in Blue Jasmine, which was a fabulous vehicle for her. You forgot about Cotillard in your analysis though- could you tell me your thoughts on her win?

Andrew Dubay said...

I feel about Sandra alot like i do about Julia Roberts winning , they are ICONS and yes julia has a few more nominations that Sandra but overall neither is particularly a end all actress. so in terms of she deserved one i feel like she has proven herself as a ICON and a star and she has done some really good work. and when the Blind side came out it was popular , sad , heartwarming and she owned it . So i think it was a mix of the right time and she is well loved in the film community.