Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globe predictions

Well, the Golden Globes are finally here! I wasn't able to watch the Critics Choice awards, but their not that fun of a ceremony to watch so.... Anyway, I was surprised to see Davis win,and I think she might win again,but more on her when I get to my predictions!

My predictions are:

Best Motion Picture Drama: This is a hard race to forecast. With no Artist here,the frontrunner is a big question mark. I think The Desendants will win because it seems like the most likeley contender besides The Artist to win Best Picture eventually, but The help and Hugo are strong contenders as well.

Best Director: Michael Hazanavicius for The Artist. Even if the movie loses in Comedy category, I feel it will definteley win here.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama: George Clonney. The GG's love big stars, and although that could swing in pitt's way, I really feel Clooney will dominate this year.

Best Actress in a motion Picture dRama: Viola Davis.Her win at the Critic's choice awards has made me surprisingly certain about her frontrunner status. Meryl has a chance, but I feel Iron Lady's bad reception will really hurt her chances in the long run.

Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: The Artist will win, but an upset from BridesMaids isn't out of the question. It's too bad The Artist won't really be the "Best Picture" given it's nominated here,and if it loses, it's a major kill in it's momentum. But I do think it will win.

Best Actor in A Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: Jean Dujardin for The Artist. And he deserves it! His performance was great! This category has been known to have surprises (Robert Downy J.R for Sherlock Holmes was a huge surprise),but I'm counting on The Artist love to swoop him in.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: I thought Williams would win for sure a few days ago, but now I really think Kristen Wig has a good chance of winning for Bridesmaids. The film has a really good shot of getting an Oscar nomination,and William's performance isn't really a comic one.

Best Supporting Actor: Christioher Plummer. like it is every year, Best Supporting Actor will probably turn into a boring race with Plummer sweeping up all the awards.

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer. I'm so happy she's the frontrunner! She is terrific in The Help! An upset from Chaistain and possibly Bejo isn't unlikely though.

Best Screenplay: The Desendants. I would say Midnight In Paris, but they usually don't honor original Screenplays in this category.

So there they are! tell me your thoughts and predictions!


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