Sunday, January 29, 2012

SAG predictions

Well, the Oscar nominations came out Tuesday and there were only a few surprises. I knew Tilda wouldn't make it, the movie was too little-seen.Anyway, I'm so excited for the SAG awards! They're always so fun to watch and they're the most reliable Oscar source besides BAFTA. Anyway, here are my predictions.

Best Ensemble Cast: The Help.The Artist could pull a Slumdog and win the award, but The Help is a superb example of an ensemble, a real ensemble movie. It'll be a crime if it doesn't win.

Best Actor: George Clooney.I think Pitt is fading and Dujardin has eclipsed him as a possible spolier. But I suspect this year is all about George.

Best Actress: I think Viola will win here.I don't see Meryl winning this one since she just won 3 years ago, and I feel this is Viola's moment. Beware an upset from Williams though.

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer! YAWN....

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer.I don't think she's a lock, but if she wins here, she could become one.Jessica Chastain and Melissa Mcarthy are the spoilers.

So that's it! What are your thoughts/predictions?


dinasztie said...

I feel it's a very tight race between Meryl and Viola.

I also feel that Clooney's win here may not mean that much. I am almost certain that Dujardin will win. Clooney just can't get it. He just can't. Oh boy...

Anyway, I just want Octavia to win.

Louis Morgan said...

Ensemble seems like it will go to the Help even though The Artist's ensemble was superior.

Actor I sincerely hope Clooney does not win, and Dujardin pulls the upset.

Actress is between the two if Davis wins her she wins the Oscar, if Streep wins here it is merely still open.

Supporting actor has no play.

I think the same will be true for Supporting Actress in the end.

Louis Morgan said...

Dujardin winning all I can say is Yes!

joe burns said...

Ha Ha, I knew you'd be pleased! But will he win? I guess we'll have to wait till BAFTA to find out....

This makes Viola the clear lead and ahead of Meryl, and Spencer/Plummer locks.