Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 68 Oscars: A Look Back

Well, here we go again with the Oscars for the year 1995, which is a year which is considered weak and not often discussed by Oscar fanatics, which, of course, makes it all the more interesting!.

Best Picture: It's hard to say who the frontrunner was, but I think Mel Gibson's starpower helped catapult Braveheart to victory. I myself have never seen it. I have seen most of Apollo 13 from science class, and I think it's fine, but not very compelling. I think it just didn't have enough momentum to get it. Babe was probably the spoiler, given it was a big hit, but I think voters were hesitant about honoring a kids film.I think Sense And Sensibility would have been honored with Screenplay and Ill Postino had no chance. My pick: Sense And Sensibility, I barely remember Babe. I saw it in the 90' folks. Apollo 13 is not a great film, as I've said.

Best Director: Probably an easy win for Gibson, given Howard was snubbed. My pick: Tim Robbins, easily. Although I admire Figgis's work for Leaving Las Vegas .

Best Actor: Cage won for L..L.V! And it was somewhat of a slam dunk, sometimes a popular performance from an acclaimed actor catches on like wild fire and takes it. i'm guessing Penn was his only competition, and he'd be my pick (Though I need to see Cage again)but they decided to honor D.M.W by giving someone else an award for....

Best Actress: Susan Sarandon. Shue and Streep were the dark horses, but Susan was extremeley overdue and her performance is so perfect and powerful. My pick: Sarandon, although Shue is fantastic too.

Best Supporting Actor:Ed Harris was considered the frontrunner, but I think lack of support for Apollo made him lose. I think the Academy wanted to spread things out this year, and they obviously liked Suspects, given it won Screenplay, thus paving the way for Spacey. My pick: Need to watch and rewatch.

Best Supporting Actress:A very interesting 3 way race occured this year. Many seemed to feel Joan Allen would win for Nixon. I think she had a shot, but her movie wasn't liked very much and Allen didn't have the star power to pull off the win this year. I think Sorvino surprised a lot of people with her now love it or hate it performance, and Miramax's campaign must have worked wonders, plus she won the G.G. I also think Woody is an academy favorite: Wiest did win twice in this category for roles in Woody films after all, including the year before. If I had been a pundit at the time, I would have bet on Winslet. She did win the SAG and the BAFTA and Sense And Sensibility was a well liked film that Winslet did wonderfully in. I guess they figured the 20 year old would have other chances,and she got nominated 5 more times (6 in total), with 6th being the charm.Mare Winningham's film hadn't been seen enough and Quinlan's nom was most likely just filler. My pick: A rewatch is needed, but all of these nominees were great from what I can remember, besides Quinlan who is not bad, but not a standout. I'll do this year very soon as I find fascinating! Tell me your thoughts on this one especially!

Best Original Screenplay: I think The Usual Susects was the frontrunner this year, and Mighty Aphrodite and Toy Story were the spoilers.My pick: I have not seen Suspects yet, but I have seen Nixon, Mighty Aphrodite, and Toy Story. I'd probably pick Toy Story with a nod to Mighty Aphrodite (I LOVE Woody Allen!).

Best Adapted Screenplay: Sense And Sensebility's Emma Thompson was probably a lock. My pick: Probably S.A.S, but Leaving Las Vegas is fantastic too!

Let me just say that Dead Man Walking and Leaving Las Vegas were easily the best films of the year and should have been nominated! Horrible Academy mistake!

Anyway, what were your picks/predictions? What are your favorites/thoughts?


Louis Morgan said...

An interesting year since two actors won awards for non acting, which the academy always seems to love.

My Choices and My Views:

Picture: Babe, Braveheart actually should have been a little more obvious since Apollo 13 did not get a director's nod. Also Babe was not going to win even if was the best, Sense and Sensibility was a little too light, as was Ill Postino which was only there because of the wave of support that came from Troisi's death. Also if they were going to reward a space film they should have rewarded the Right Stuff back in 83, which interestingly also had a best director snub. Maybe the academy thinks all the special effects in those film are stock footage.

Director: Chris Noonan, Gibson should have been obvious as the academy loves actors who direct. The lone directors of course did not have a chance, Radford was there just because of Troisi, and Noonan would never win for directing a film about a talking pig.

Actor: Penn, although Cage is gaining on him a bit. It was the fight of the rising stars and Cage was frankly more academy friendly in terms of personality. Hopkins would not win for that performance after he had won only a few years ago. Dreyfus was just a veteran/filler nod, and Troisi's momentum came from his death.

Actress: Sarandon, It simply was Sarandon's year and she gave such a great performance that her win was a forgone conclusion.

Supporting Actor: Spacey, Well I would say I hope Spacey won because they saw all five performances and saw just how he was clearly the best.

Supporting Actress: Winslet, Sorvino seems a little more obvious now in a "scene stealing" performance in Woody Allen film. I mean Allen actually probably was sunk by the politics of the film, and maybe some voters did not want to support the portrait of Pat Nixon the film painted. Winslet might have won if this was after she became known. Quinlan was too much filler, and Winningham probably had a very specific group of supporters. In the end though I still think it was probably a close three way race between Winslet, Allen, and Sorvino.

joe burns said...

Agree on all your thpughts! Yeah, I think the film killed Allen's chances, I personally find her great, though a rewatch is needed! What are your thoughts on her?

Nues20 said...

Yay! Thanks so much for doing this year from my request! :)
It is a very interesting year one that I would really like to see you review.

Best Picture: Dunno really. Possibly Sense and Sensibilty... but anything except Braveheart!

Best Director: Tim Robbins an easy pick.

Best Actor: Sean Penn

Best Actress : Susan Sarandon

Best Supporting Actor : Kevin Spacey

Best Supporting Actress : Can't say as have only seen Winslet but Winslet was really great although Sorvino sounds good too.

I agree Dead Man Walking and Leaving Las Vegas were the best films of the year either one should have won Best Picture.

joe burns said...

You're welcome!!! I actually had a lot of fun doing this year, thanks for requesting it!!!

Glad you agree! And you should see all the supporting actress nominees..

I think I'm gonna wait on 95 Best Actress, it's time simply hasn't come yet....

Nues20 said...

Well I'll look forward to you doing it anyway even if it is a while in the future.
Pretty random comment but I was just thinking something strange.
Remember Cole from Chasing Oscar? He had just really started...
He said he had health issues then just disappeared.

Louis Morgan said...

I thought she was good and fit the demands of the role, although the scene where she excitedly cheers Nixon on seemed a bit forced.

joe burns said...

No I don't, was he a blogger?

Nues20 said...

Yea the blog is still up there

dinasztie said...

Picture: Babe
Director: Figgis
Actor: Cage
Actress: Shue
Supp Actor: Spacey
Supp Actress: Winslet
OSCP: The Usual Suspects
ASCP: Sense & Sensibility

Michael Patison said...

Picture: Apollo 13
Director: Howard
Actor: Cage
Actress: Sarandon
Supporting Actor: Spacey
Supporting Actress: Winslet
OSCP: The Usual Suspects
ASCP: Sense and Sensibility

joe burns said...

I knew Shue was your pick, and she was amazing! But Sarandon is my pick hands down, but we'll see when we do that year....

joe burns said...

Thanks for commenting! Please start a blog!!!!!!