Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Director picks for the 2000''s

Just for fun, I've decided to post my picks for Best Director for the 2000's because those are the films I've seen the most:

Best Director:

2000: Steven Soderbergh for Traffic, Ang Lee is amazing, but Soderberg is simply brilliant.

2001: Peter Jackson, his acheievement was terrific.

2002: Rob Marshall, he really made Chicago soar.

2003: Undecided, both Jackson, Coppola, and Eastwood are all so great!!!

2004: Clint Eastwood, Million Dollar Baby is perfectly directed, if not perfectly written.

2005: Paul Haggis, I may be in a minority around here, but I love Crash, and his direction is fantastic. He gets incredible performances out of his cast and balances all the stories so well. But I need to rewatch Brokeback and Capote and see G.A.G.L and Munich.

2006: Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu hands down. I still need to see Eastwood and Greengrass's films (Not to mention rewatch The Departed, but innaritu's work on babel is astonishing.

2007: Another undecided, but maybe I'd lean towards Anderson.

2008: Danny Boyle. Daldry and Van Sant are close-runner's up, but I think Slumdog was the film that benefited most from the directing. It was simply dazzling.

2009: I've only seen 2 (Lee Daniels for Precious and Jason Reitman for Up In The Air), and I make it a rule that I need to see at least 3 of the nominees in any category to make my pick.

So, tell me your picks! Your thoughts, do you agree/disagree with me? I'll probably publish a post on my original screenplay and adapted screenplay picks. I also could do profiles on any of these categories!


Louis Morgan said...

2000: Soderberg for Traffic.

2001: Jackson, but I need to Lynch and Scott's films.

2002: Polanski.

2003: Jackson. Eastwood should have seriously got his actors to tone it down, and I have yet still to find what is special about Lost in Translation.

2004: Scorsese. Hackford's nomination is absurd and I still think I prefer it over Eastwood's excessively dreary direction of that film.

2005: Clooney maybe. I need to rewatch Capote and Munich. I find both Crash and Brokeback Mountain overrated though. I have to also disagree with you in that except for a few exception like Matt Dillon many of the performances came off as paper thin as they were written.

2006: Scorcese or Eastwood. I need to see United 93 and Babel.

2007: I was once on with Anderson completely but now I am leaning toward the Coens.

2008: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Howard I guess, and I mean I guess. I find none of these films impressive. The only reason I even slightly like Frost/Nixon is I am admitted sucker for these kinds of films.

2009: Tarantino.

joe burns said...

2002: Have you seen Talk To Her? I really like it, though I need to see it again!!!!!

2006: See Babel!!! It is fantastic!!

2005: We;ll just have to disagree... What about Miller?

2008: So, I take it you're a big fan of historical films?

2009: Is Inglorious Bastards your Best Picture pick?

dinasztie said...

2000: Ang Lee
2001: Jackson
2002: Polanski closely followed by Almodovar
2003: Meirelles
2004: Payne
2005: Ang Lee
2006: Greengrass
2007: Coens
2008: Danny Boyle
2009: Tarantino
2010: Fincher (I hate Hooper's win even more than Eastwood's)

Nues20 said...

2000: Ang Lee
2001: Jackson
2002: Marshall
2003: Jackson
2004: Scorsese
2005: Ang Lee
2006: Scorsese
2007: Coen Brothers
2008: Boyle
2009: Tarantino or Bigelow
2010: Fincher
2011: Hazanavicius

Louis Morgan said...

2005: Like I said I need to re-watch Capote.

2008: For better and for worse, yes I do.

2009: Yes.

joe burns said...

Dinasztie: We seem to agree on some, and disagree on others. I don't mind Hooper's win, but my vote would have gone with Darren Aronsky for Black Swan..

Nues20: Glad you like Marshall and Boyle!!!

joe burns said...

Love that you like historical films so much!