Friday, August 10, 2012

Future posts/activity

Hey, you all!!!! Sorry I've been away for so long!!! I've been in Chicago for about a week, but now I'm back! Ever been there? If so, tell me your thoughts!

Anyway, 2004 will be finished soon, but after that, I think I won't be doing any more profiles. I know, I know, I made a poll,and I was planning to continue with them. But I simply find them too exhausting and time-consuming. They seem to take away energy from my singing, which is the most important thing to me.

But my posts are certainly not ending: I've decided to do a post once a week, and that will be a performance/film review. After reading so many amazing Oscar profiles, one wants to watch performances that seem to be praised a great deal, or not praised a great deal. That's why I sometimes get tired of the B.A profiles, because you must watch all the nominees and some of those films I don't really care for. I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but sometimes, I want to watch films I really want to watch! However, if someone really wants me to do a B.A profile, I can watch the performances once a week and it'll take 5 weeks to finish.

Another thing I wanted to do was revive my Best Supporting Actress project. To those who don't recall, it was my plan to watch all the B.S.A winners and do profiles on them. Given Best Actress is covered so much on here and I haven't seen as many Best Supporting Actress winners as I'd like, I think it would be a lot of fun.

Here's a list of performances that will soon be reviewed:

Reese Witherspoon in Walk The Line

Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls

Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady

Linda Hunt in The Year Of Living Dangerously

I hope you're not too dissapointed! Please tell me what you think! And if you have any requests for future performances, please tell me those as well!


Nues20 said...

I think with blogs like this you just need to follow your heart otherwise one can really tire of it all and just get fed up like (although I don't like to point fingers) Sage. I would rather you take 5 weeks to do a profile or review performances you really, really like rather than not blog at all :)
A few more questions that I'd like to don't have to answer them if you don't want to joe but I'd like to know more about you I feel like I don't because I haven't been blogging as long as all you other guys.
I am 17, I love to sing too! (do u have any recordings?) I live in London but go to boarding school.
Just thought I would share a bit more about my life as I feel like we all know each other :)
Looking forward to your upcoming reviews and the conclusion to 2004, the BSA project etc.
AND I hope you had a great time in Chicago!!!!
I've been to New York but nowhere else in the States.

joe burns said...

I think Sage just got tired of it: So did I. It's nothing personal, but the process just became exhausting, especially if you're trying to transition/alance other things in your real life. But Sage was and is such an amazing blogger and I always go through her old posts, so I don't mind that she's burnt out.

No, I do not, I'm pretty young as well! It's for sure a goal someday! I Wow, boarding school? I can't imagine what's that like, no offense or anything..

Well, I'm still in High School, LOL, and it'll be my junior year. I'm almost 17 years old...

Thanks! I had a lot of fun in Chicago! And so am I!!!

P.S: New York is fun as well, though I'd say Chicago is a friendler city and less overwhelming.

Nues20 said...

Oh I said 17 haha I'm 16 too!
We're so young my birthday's in March I'll be 17 then :)
Boarding School is great! I don't always stay in on the weekends - you get really close with people which is good and my school is unisex 16 and up look it up if you want.
It's called Charterhouse School it's in the countryside :)
I would really like to go to Chicago:)
I agree that Sage is an amazing blogger and looking over oscarfan I find it incredible that you started at 13/14 and are have still managed to keep a great blog going.
Props to you - I started at 15 :)
I LOVE New York - I kind of like the up front, honest way New Yorkers are there's kind of a deep respect between everybody you know what I mean? :)

joe burns said...

Ha Ha, we're just 5 months apart. My birthday's on October 24th. It's good you get close to people, public school can be really lonely. Is it both sexes?

Thanks! Yes, I started when I was almost 14. It seems so young! Well, I had always really liked film and the Oscars, and it seemed about time to find other people to discuss it with. I found Sage, Dinasztie, Twister (Who I wish I could hear more from! I miss you Twister!), Fritz, Louis, and now you! There are more, (Alex In Movieland comes to mind), but I don't follow as consistently as I'd wish.

Yeah, I love the feeling of the city: It's so fun and BIG. The honesty can cut both ways to me, but I get what you're saying..

Nues20 said...

I'm 2nd March. It is both sexes from 16 to 18. From 13-16 it's not. I went to Public School before but it was very central London and not that many people.
I've never heard of Twister does he have a blog?
I sometimes scroll through Alex and Sage's blogs - they're great!
Do you live in New York?

dinasztie said...

You should do what you want - a blog should give pleasure to you, above all. :) If you put passion in it that's what makes it enjoyable for everyone else. Otherwise it's a review factory.

Are you guys really so young? :D I feel like a fossil or something. :D No, not really. :D I started at 17. :) Never been to NY myself, but I've been to London, I loved it. I must say, though, that people are very different here in Hungary than people in the West. I'm going to university in a three weeks (International Studies).

I'm an aspiring playwright and screenwriter. :)) For me, thinking about the stage is easier but I have ideas for movie screenplays, one I'm intending for Jane Fonda and Kathy Bates. :)) I also have a kind of a mean and cynical tv comedy in mind. ;)