Sunday, October 6, 2013

Best Actress 2007

Yes, I'M BACK!! I know it's been ages, but I want to return to Oscar blogging. However, I am VERY busy at the moment so this year could take months, but perhaps I can come up with ways of making it faster and also on doing some creative posts along the way.

Anyway, the next Best Actress year I'll be reviewing is 2007 and the nominees were:

Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth, The Golden Age

Julie Christie in Away From Her

Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose

Laura Linney in The Savages

Ellen Page in Juno

So, what are your predictions? Thoughts? Who do you think should have won? How do you think the race ended up the way it did?


Louis Morgan said...

Glad to see something from you.

I'll predict your ranking as

1. Cotillard
2. Christie
3. Linney
4. Page
5. Blanchett

I somehow still need to see La Vie En Rose.

I would say Cotillard had it by being a bright new face who did a biopic which they love. Its true Blanchett did as well, but they did no reward her the first time so there was no reason to notice her for the less well received second time.

joe burns said...

That seems to be the ranking most people have for this year, however, I try to clear myself from other's opinions, although it is hard!!!

You should watch it before I get to her!! It'll be a while, so you have a lot of time, lol. I have a job right now, so, that wil be taking up most of my time.

Yes, I agree! I also think Christie had lost a lot of her former hollywood star power, which weakened her popularity. Her film was also very little seen, although one could say the same with La Vie En Rose, but it's about Edith Piaf, for God's sakes! That guarantees that it would be more widely seen then Away From Her.

Fritz said...

Yay, glad you're back!

moviefilm said...

Happy to see you back!
1) Marion Cotillard
2) Julie Christie
3) Ellen Page
4) Laura Linney
5) Cate Blanchett