Saturday, January 4, 2014

Greetings And Happy Oscar Season!

Hello, everybody! I'm sorry it's been so long, but with a job and with my father having recently passed away (and as well as working on my singing and acting in my little free time), limits my time considerably. It'll be a while until I find the time to work on doing a Best Actress year again, so I will be back in other ways such as reviewing the recent films that I've seen and predicting who will win the big awards. I have seen 12 Years As A Slave as well as Saving Mr Banks, but I have not seen much else. I plan on seeing American Hustle soon and August Osage County (!) soon though! Here are my frontrunner preditions so far :

Best Picture: 12 Years As A Slave seems to be winning everything so far and it is most certainly the frontrunner. It was a fantastic film, and one that is worthy of Best Picture, but not a movie I would want to see again. People are saying Gravity can win, but I have my doubts. I have not seen it yet, but I doubt it will be honored, due to the fact that it's a sci fi film. Only if it gets some crucial wins at the Globes and PGA.

Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron is sweeping up the race and he is such a great director that I would be very happy to see him win. I love his work on Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of Azkaban and although I have not seen Gravity in it's entiriety, I've seen a lot of parts of it from doing theatre checks at my job and it look superb from the director's angle so it would most likely be deserved. I have to see it though! To bad it's not playing at the theatre where I work anymore!

Best Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor will probably win here: It's a great performance and would be very well deserved.

Best Actress: Ah, here comes the best and most favored category. Cate Blanchett has been sweeping up most of the wins, and she certainly was fantastic. She didn't have the "Wow" factor for me, but she delivered brilliantly. Sandra Bullock is cited as her strongest competition and I think that could definitely happen. People love her and the degree of difficulty for the role could work in her favor (Or it could work against her). Emma Thompson is the third horse, but I doubt that she'll win. She was fantastic as well, but it's nothing that she hasn't done wonderfully before and I doubt she'll win. If August Osage County was better recieved, Meryl would be more of a threat. It seems it's ultra late release date has set it back a long way (So much that people are even talking about her being snubbed! AHHHH!). If it gets more momentum, a Meryl win is possible, I guess, but only if they REALLY love her. I'm interested in seeing Philomena, I'm so glad Judi is back in the mix after 7 years (Too Long!), but she will most likely not win. If Streep or Dench gets snubbed, look for Amy Adams to take her place.

Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto seems to be winning everything here, but I have absolutely no idea what the film is about or his role. Anyone care to help me?

Best Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong'o is also winning everything. But Jennifer Lawrence and maybe even Oprah could derail her.

Best Original Screenplay: A race between Her and Blue Jasmine.

Best Adapted Screenplay: I expect 12 Years As A Slave to follow in the tradition of many films that have also swept up this award (Argo, Slumdog, No Country, The Departed, Lord Of The Rings, A Beautiful Mind, ect).

What are your predictions? What films have you seen? Which films do you want to see? Which performances wowed you the most? Which would you want to see win the most?


Louis Morgan said...

Happy to hear from you.

As for predictions.

Picture: I'll say 12 Years which would be deserving of a win, but I could see Gravity winning, which would also be a strong winner, or American Hustle which would not be so strong of a winner.

Director: If 12 Years wins I would not bet against McQueen as the director/picture split only really happens when the upset happens in picture.

Actor: Ejiofor, but I could see Dern or McConaughey taking it too. It seems pretty open today.

Actress: Blanchett probably, although Bullock could win and would be deserving.

Supporting Actor: Leto, who plays an aids patient who is also a transgendered individual. I don't see him losing because of the way he has been sweeping the precursors. Also his seemingly main competition Fassbender plays the type of unlikable that the Academy does not like.

Supporting Actress: Lupita probably, although I agree Lawrence or Oprah Winfrey could take this.

Original: Seems a bit open since Gravity is the type of film that is not given a lot of credit for in the screenplay department.

Adapted: Is fairly sewn up if 12 Years sweeps.

joe burns said...

Yes, it seems like we fairly agree on everything! Ha Ha. great minds think alike! Anyway though, I need to see The Dallas Buyers Club, he sounds great! Have you seen it? What did you think of Blue Jasmine and American Hustle?

moviefilm said...

Glad to see you back. Sincere condolences.

Best Picture: Twelve Years a Slave. It's the best of what I've seen yet. I don't think Gravity can take it. Film like this never do (just think of Avatar, Inception, Hugo, Life of Pi). Hope for Rush to be nominated.

Directing: CuarĂ³n's chances are bigger than it seems to be. But still it's not gonna happen. McQueen will take everything.

Leading Actor: Ejiofor or McConaughey. Right now I believe it's the first one. Sad that Bale (for American Hustle) and Jackman (for Prisoners) won't be nominated. They were both great!

Leading Actress: It's Blanchett or nobody... :)

Supporting Actor: Leto. I also think Fassbender could upset here. He's a villain (the strongest villain I've seen this year) and they are very likable in this category...

Supporting Actress: Oprah. Lupita's nomination will be great for her to help her start her career. But she doesn't need to win, really. And it's a shame Oprah doesn't have a competitive Oscar and the Academy will try to fix this mistake, though she wasn't that great in her film...

Louis Morgan said...

Dallas Buyers Club exceeded my expectations as a film, and all I can say the lead category might be one of the strongest, and the supporting won't be too shabby either.

Have not seen Blue Jasmine, but I found American Hustle to be a mess although a watchable mess.

joe burns said...

Moviefilm: Thank you! It's been hard, but things have gotten easier, one step at a time.

I take it your fan of Blanchett, lol.

I actually disagree with the Lupita and the Oprah comparison. I don't think Oprah needs an Oscar, she's hardly active in film and given all her money and status, i don't think she needs any more love. I think it would really help Lupita to get roles if she won an Oscar.

I'm excited for this season , hope you are too!!

moviefilm said...

I'm very excited, but I get excited every year, when it comes to the Oscars.
Actually, I'm not the biggest fan of Blanchett. I adore her as an actress and her performance was great in Blue Jasmine, but I'm a bigger fan of Meryl, or Amy.
And yeah, you're right about Oprah. She doesn't need an Oscar, but I was trying to get to the Academy's mind...