Sunday, February 16, 2014

BAFTA Predictions

Best Picture:  12 Years A Slave seems to be the most likely winner, although Gravity is gaining steam as Oscar night approaches. Philomena or American Hustle could sneak in though.

Best Director: I expect Cuaron to triumph, unless voters go with McQueen.

Best Actor:  Dicaprio is also gaining a lot of momentum right now and I predict him to win this one. Ejiofor could also very well win here as well.

Best Actress:  Adams and Dench in particular are strong spoilers here, but Cate is my prediction.  Amy needs this to be able to knock off Blanchett on Oscar night, and if Dench wins, I guess it could help, but given they love her here profusely (10 Wins!) , I don't think it will help her much in the long run.

Best Supporting Actor:  Fassbender and Abdi  are strong contenders, but I think we'll see Matt Damon walk away with a win for Behind The Candelabra.

Best Supporting Actress.  Jennifer needs this to win and if she loses to Lupita, I doubt she has much of a chance of winning anymore.  I predict that will happen, although I have a strange feeling Hawkins could take it here. But I'm not betting on it.

Best Original Screenplay:   A tough one, but I'll go out on a limb and say Nebraska.

Best Adapted Screenplay:  12 Years A Slave.

Best British Film: Philomena.

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