Sunday, March 2, 2014

86th Oscars After-Thoughts

First, my predictions: Well, after my not so good showings last year, I've now made a comeback.  22 OUT OF 24! YES!!! I was thrilled to get Her winning Original Screenplay (Thought he would take it, the precursor combo was just too strong for him to lose), Gravity winning Best Editing (Didn't buy that voters would choose this category to honor Captain Phillips, knew it would go empty handed),  Helium winning Best Live Action Short, Great Gatsby winning both Best Production Design and Best Costume Design (Knew that 12 Years and American weren't flashy enough, these wins  prove that movies that aren't necessarily  amazing can easily take  both these categories), Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor (Knew, along with everyone else,  that he was too popular to lose, sorry Tom O'neil !), and 12 Years winning Best Picture (Gravity was just never as loved as people expected and 12 Years was too strong to beat).   I did get Supporting Actress wrong though: I just felt the support for Lupita seemed a bit too strong, like Viola Davis a few years ago, it felt that it was more hype then about how Oscar voters would view the performance, which I was wrong about, but good for her! I also got Animated Feature wrong, thinking Get A Horse would take it. I was so close to going with Mr Hubolot, too bad I didn't, but ah well!  I was also very happy for Cate Blanchett and Jared Leto, both are very worthy winners.  

Secondly, the ceremony:  It was good, entertaining. Ellen did well. That pizza thing was a little out of place, but I thought it was pretty funny and overall worked. Glad the stars didn't starve, lol.   It was a pretty standard Oscar ceremony overall, but very enjoyable.  There were no surprises, which is disappointing, but I did so well in my predictions that I don't care.  I was happy for Frozen pulling off wins. Idina Menzel was good, but I could tell she was a little nervous. I love you Idina! Keep going!! American Hustle getting shut out is surprising to some, but I knew it could happen. Ah well.

So,  what were your thoughts? Were you bummed that there were no surprises? Did you do well in your predictions? Were you pleased with the winners? What were your favorite winners? Your least favorite winners?


moviefilm said...

Hi! I was disappointed with the show, because it was boring every time Ellen was not on stage (except of best songs nominees performances). Not only I was really angry that every single award was expected, but there was nothing interesting in the show. Ellen was wonderful, though...
My favourite winners are Twelve Years a Slave (who was undoubtably the best of the nominees and best of the year, though I know it didn't win, because the voters REALLY liked it, but because they wanted to do the right thing) and Spike Jonze for original screenplay of Her (I never thought he wouldn't win. It was just great).
My least favourite winner must be Lupita, as she was the only winner, whose achievement had so many technical/objective falws in it. And also wasn't happy for Gravity winning both sound awards. It's sound mixing was PERFECT, but the editing was the worst of the nominees, I think.

joe burns said...

I too wished there were more surprises, but I'm happy for the winners and I didn't think there was any bad ones overall.

I need to rewatch Lupita, but right now I agree with. Gravity's editing win is fine with me.

moviefilm said...

Sorry, I meant sound editing.
The editing was fine, though I prefer Captain Phillips... :)