Sunday, February 10, 2013

BAFTA Predictions

So, here it is. The last and arguably most important pre-Oscar precursors given BAFTA has become a much stronger resource when it comes to predicting who will win in the last 6-7 years. Many of the categories have matched up perfectly with the Oscar and I honestly doubt that anything will change this year.

Best Picture: I think Lincoln will win here. Although Argo is the Best Picture frontrunner, I don't think the British will honor it given I suspect much of it's buzz and momentum is motivated by the fact that it is about hollywood saving people from death. I think Lincoln is sweeping and richly rewarding, something that BAFTA loves and I hope AMPAS loves as well. Another possibility is Les Miserables winning given the Brits love it there, but I doubt it.

Outstanding British Film: Skyfall probably, and it would be really cool to see it winning. I could see Les Mis winning here easily though.

Best Director: Probably Ben Afleck again, but I could see Michael Haneke pulling off an upset. I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE Kathyrn Bigelow wins here though. It's their last chance to honor the best direction of the year!

Best Foreign Film: Amour, easily.

Best Original Screenplay: I hope Amour takes it, but I'm guessing Django Unchained.

Best Adapted Screenplay: I think lincoln will win, but Argo and Silver Linings Playbook are strong contenders as well.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis. I don't see anything stopping him at this point.

Best Actress: Many are saying J.L is a lock, but I honestly don't think so. She could easily win, but I still think Chastain and Riva are strong contenders, though one of them needs to win here so they can win the Oscar. I'm predicting Riva to win this award now, but I'm a little nervous about Lawrence winning this one. Chastain needs this one bad if she wants to regain her frontrunner status, but I don't see her winning here.

Best Supporting Actor: Phillip Seymour Hoffman, just because, LOL.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway.

So, what do you think? What are you rooting for? Do you think BAFTA will be the best predictor of the Oscars this year?

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Louis Morgan said...

Well here's my opinion on the winners actually.

Picture: Argo wins again, and it will win the Oscar, I don't see how it could lose. There are better choices but it is certianly not a bad choice.

British Film: Love the Skyfall win. Although I do think its silly that Skyfall was not nominated for best picture despite winning the award over the best picture nominated Les Miserables.

Director: Affleck winning again was not the very best choice, but was still a good choice. This means that Oscar category certainly will be interesting.

Foreign Film: I can't see Amour losing at the Oscars either. I don't know if its the best choice though as it is the only one that I have seen.

Original Screenplay: Django winning is a descent choice even though Tarantino wrote a better script for Inglorious Basterds. If he wins the Oscar he and Mark Boal should trade Oscars than way they would have the award for the right script.

Adapted: Silver Linings Playbook is great choice, and certainly puts a wrench into the works at the Oscars. I have no idea who will win there are three candidates with very good chances.

Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis is of course the perfect choice (although Phoenix would have been a great choice too), and it is amazing how easily he seems to be going toward breaking the record.

Best Actress: Riva won, but I think Lawrence will still prevail in the end. Her performance just fits the Oscars preferences more. Both are great choices anyway, I prefer Riva though, and I prefer Chastain over both of them. They are all deserving though.

Best Supporting Actor: Waltz takes it and he could take the Oscar. That would be of course great. I still will predict Jones but I hope I am wrong.

Best Supporting Actress: Hathaway is a lock and deserves to be in my opinion.

This honestly is a great set of winners everyone is at least deserving to some degree. The weakest I feel in terms of their category is probably Affleck, and Argo and I still like both that film and his direction. This is really a great year.