Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar After-thoughts

Well, it could have been worse, but Lincoln was shafted tonight! No win for Best Director? For Ang Lee? What?! Over Steven Speilberg?!!!!!! Oh well, Life Of Pi wasn't badly directed by any means, but still. But that isn't the worst part for me: It just reinforced my opinion that Lincoln should have been honored tonight and definitely should have won Best Adapted Screenplay. It will go down in history as a big robbery for sure.

Anyway, though I was happy for Hathaway and Daniel Day Lewis. I knew Waltz was going to win! I was proud of that prediction! And I'm sure all you Waltz fans are happy too! I had a nagging feeling Lawrence was going to win all day, especially when Silver Linings lost Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. Riva is still my choice, but Jennifer Lawrence is a very worthy winner. I was surprised that Les Miserables won 3 awards and I was happy that Zero Dark won Best Sound Mixing in a tie with Skyfall and Lincoln won Best Art Direction.

Anyway, what were your thoughts? Who were your worst winners? Who were your best winners?


dinasztie said...

I loved Jen's win the most from the acting winners. Argo's screenplay win is horrid, SLP should have won. I'm fine with Waltz and DDL. Well, Hathaway was supposed to happen as well as Argo, I'm not happy but I accept them.

I suppose Emmanuelle was never going to win.

Louis Morgan said...

For best/worst I honestly don't believe there were any genuinely bad winners.

Best Picture: A forgone conclusion, but really it is a good film. Although Affleck was rather obnoxious with his "holding grudges". I think he was trying a little too hard to push his riches to riches story.

Best Director: Ang Lee's direction was good in Life of Pi, so again I do not mind. In fact I prefer his direction here to his last Oscar winning direction, although it is strange that there are now two directors who have won best director without their films winning best picture.

Best Actor: Day-Lewis deserved as all three of his wins were deserving, and I'm glad he was the tie breaker and not someone like Sean Penn or Tom Hanks.

Best Actress: Well I guessed that one correctly, as Silver Linings just had the support. I would have preferred Riva, but Lawrence is a good winner.

Best Supporting Actor: I'm very glad Waltz won as he is the most deserving two time winner since Vivien Leigh. De Niro not happening should show that betting on a Coburn is not a good bet.

Best Supporting Actress: Hathaway of course happened which is just fine.

Best Original Sceenplay: I thought he would pull through. I like his screenplay but he and Mark Boal should trade Oscars.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Argo's screenplay was fine even if the cliches of the film lied with that. Lincoln was the greater achievement though, but I guess that could not let Argo be Mutiny on the Bounty instead that let it be The Greatest Show on Earth.

joe burns said...

Dinasztie: Yes, I think Riva's momentum peaked too late and Amour didn't campaign as hard as they could have to make her happen.

Louis: Yeah, that's true! It's weird Ang Lee won when his films also didn't take Best Picture.

Huh, funny that you said they should trade Oscars!

dinasztie said...

I don't think she peaked at all. She won Bafta because she's better known in Europe. The nomination itself was incredible. Her surge was only good to split votes not going to Jennifer IMO. Her loyal fans just really wanted her to win. Sad but true. :/