Thursday, January 10, 2013

B.C. C. A. predictions

Although the results are being shown right now by those cunning little east Coast oscar Watchers, I'm going to make my very late predictions anyway :). Also there is a spoiler ahead but just one!

My Predictions:

Best Picture: Zero Dark Thirty. It probably won't be winning the Oscar now, but I have a feeling that it'll crown it's critics sweep by taking this one. However, I could easily see Lincoln taking this and I'm going out on a limb!! .

Best Director: Bigelow, Lol, but Speilberg could and probably will be the winner.

Best Actor: DDL.

Best Actress: Interesting! I could see Rivera, Lawrence, or Chastain winning. I'm gonna play it safe and go with Lawrence.

Best Supporting Actor: I'll throw a bone to Robert De- Niro but who knows really? This category is wide open. When was the last time that happened????! For 5 years, Supporting Actor has been extremely to predict, although you could bump off 2010 since Bale had competition from Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway will probably win or SPOILER ALERT

she has already :) .

Best Screenplay: Zero Dark Thirty, most likely given the nominees.

I'll post a full thoughts on Oscar nominations post later and expect a review of Zero Dark Thirty by tomorrow or Saturday!!!


Louis Morgan said...

Slightly off topic I just wanted to say I have seen Les Miserables. I must say I loved it. It is a film with flaws, like stripping down "Drink With Me", and cutting "Dog Eats the Dogs" (which really takes some of the edge off of Thernadier) were both mistakes. Also other little things like they should have shown Marius walk into the Cafe seeing the destruction before singing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables".

I have to say even with the flaws I easily noticed, they did not matter as the film just had a certain emotional impact that overrode any of the problems for me.

joe burns said...

me too!!! I know there are flaws, but still it is great!! I'm surprised that you loved it, but glad!!!

I saw Zero Dark Thirty, and I felt it was fantastic. A review soon!