Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oscar Nomination Thoughts and Golden Globe Predictions

First of all, let me just say I was pleased with most of the Oscar nominations. They seem to be showing more imagination and creativity in their picks, and I think the reason why is because the G.G's and all the campaigning seems to be happening either after or too much earlier before the Oscar nominations. If they kept it at their old schedule, I'm sure things would have turned out different. Still, some things bother me like Bigelow not making it as well as Hooper being snubbed and all this Life Of Pi love. The film is fine, but not Oscar-worthy, besides a few tech awards (it is gorgeously made). Anyway, here's my G.G predictions for tomorrow!

Best Picture: With Zero Dark Thirty out of the Director race (GRRRR) and the idiotic controversy surrounding the film, this seems to make Lincoln the frontrunner to win Best Picture. But if Argo takes the globe, it could pull off an upset. Many are talking about LIfe Of Pi being a spoiler, bur I doubt it. My Preference: Zero Dark Thirty right now, have not seen Argo or Django.

Best Director: I think Speilberg will pull it off, but I could see Afleck win too. It would be coll if he won all the precursors wouldn't it? Then we woouldn't know who'd win the actual oscar! My Preference: Bigelow.

Best Actor In A Motion Picture Drama: Daniel Day-Lewis for sure! Preference: Have no others, so DDL, lol!

Best Actress In A Motion Picture Drama: I'll say Jessica Chastain, but watch out for Naomi Watts. If she can pull off a win here, this race could change direction drastically. My preference: Chastain, have not seen any of the others.

Best Motion Picture Musical Or Comedy: Les Miserables will most likely win, but I wouldn't rule out an upset from Silver Linings Playbook either. The others have no chance. My preference: Les Mis, but I wouldn't mind a win for Silver Linings.

Best Actor In A Motion Picture Musical Or Comedy: Hugh vs Bradley Cooper. I'll just go with Hugh, but I'm hoping Brad can pull an upset. My preference: Brad!!

Best Actress In A Motion Picture Musical Or Comedy: Jennifer Lawrence is a near certain winner here. If not, then maybe Meryl or Maggie. My preference: Jennifer!

Best Supporting Actor: I think P.S.H can actually win a 2nd Oscar and I think a 2nd globe as well. My preference: Tommy Lee Jones is the only one I've seen so far.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway will most likely win, or is it me or buzz isn't as strong for her right now? Tell me your thoughts!!

Best Screenplay: The most exciting category this year! I think Lincoln will win, but S.L.P could win as well.

Anyway, when these are announced, the Oscar race will be a little bit more clearer in terms of frontrunners, though I doubt any locks will be established. Isn't it exciting?!! Finally, a wide-open Oscar Race! P.S: Check out my Z.D.T review below and expect a review of Lincoln tomorrow!!


Louis Morgan said...

Best Picture: Zero Dark Thirty is my preference, but any of them could win. I also should say I liked all five of them so I really do not mind anyone winning.

Director: Again any could win, maybe Bigelow will even if Zero Dark Thirty does not win picture like how Scorsese won last year. Bigelow is my preference as that film especially succeeds due to the direction, but again I would be fine with any winner.

Actor Drama: Day-Lewis is probably a lock. I'll save my preference for my reviews.

Actress Drama: Chastain will win most likely. I really liked her and Watts. Mirren was okay, I have not seen the other two.

Best Picture Musical Or Comedy: Les Miserables maybe, but Silver Linings Playbook could win as well. Preference, well I still need to see Silver Linings Playbook which I probably will watch tomorrow. Les Miserables really did work for me though, also I liked Moonrise Kingdom so either of those two would be good winners.

Actor Comedy: Jackman I guess just because he has a weightier part. Again I'll save my preference between he and Cooper. I will say though Jack Black was great in Bernie and would be a worthy winner. It is really terrific against type turn from him. Bill Murray might have been a good FDR in a better film, but his film is awful.

Actress Comedy: Lawrence I'm sure is a definite lock here. I have not seen any of them though.

Supporting Actor: I wonder if they will throw DiCaprio a bone? Either way I could see anyone besides Arkin win. As you may know Arkin and Jones definitely are not my preference. I preferred DiCaprio over both of them by a lot.

Anyway I am certainly am looking forward to see how things turn out.

joe burns said...

Me too! Thanks for commenting!!