Friday, January 4, 2013

Oscar Predictions

Given the Critics Awards have winded down and the nominations are slowly approaching, I've decided to post my predictions as of now. Given the globes, the critics choice awards, and the Sags (?, are all next week as well, I think some of them could change, but we'll just have to wait and see!!

Here they are:

Best Picture: Right now, I'd say Zero Dark Thirty will be the winner given it's precursor attention and topical relevance, but Lincoln is a strong contender as well. Les Miz could still win, but I think it'll need to sweep the guilds and the BAFTA to overcome the mixed responses. It's possible that if these 3 films split support, Argo could sneak in, but I doubt it.

Best Director: I think Steven Speilberg will win if things are still this up in the air when it comes to Oscar night. Yes, he's won 2 already, but both Bigelow and Hooper won fairly recently, and Speilberg truly did a superb job with Lincoln.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis is a lock. Just like Speilberg, he's won 2 already, but this performance has gotten so much support and acclaim, and I doubt he'll lose. The only way he could is if Jackman gains more momentum, but I don't think it'll happen.

Best Actress: It's Jessica Chastain vs Jennifer Lawrence right now and I think Jessica has the edge given she just exciteningly broke out onto the scene last year and many seem to love and respect her. People are also realizing she's been around for a while, she didn't just pop out of nowhere. But Lawrence could still win if precursors go her way, but I don't think so somehow because she seems so young and she'll have other chances.

Best Supporting Actor: Many are touting Tommy Lee Jones rigt now, but I'm going to say Phillip Seymour Hoffman just for the hal of it. He's a great actor, and many are raving about him for his performance in The Master (Anybody see it).

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway will most likely get it and she deserves it. It's a near-sure thing at this point. If Sally Field gets more support for her great performance, then perhaps she could win, but I don't think people will forget she has 2 already and Lincoln will probably be honored other places.

This is all I'll say for now, but tell me your thoughts!!! Who do you think will win? Do you agree or disagree? Are you excited? That should be a loud YES!!!


Louis Morgan said...

Picture: Zero Dark Thirty actually might becoming too controversial. I thought it was great though, and I think the controversy is a little odd. The film simply leaves the interpretations of the events entirely to the viewer.

Lincoln would be my prediction at the moment. Argo and Les Miserables are the only other two I see as possibles. Argo's tone just does not seem to fit a best picture winner though, and Les Miserables has some serious detractors.

Director: This is fascinating since someone is going to win their second or third automatically it seems. The only way that won't happen is if David O Russell wins but his film has not sustained its momentum. Spielberg would be my guess at the moment.

Actor: Day-Lewis seems assured for his third. I could see them going crazy over Jackman, after all they did go for Dujardin even after all the Clooney support last year.

Actress: I'll say Chastain at the moment, but Lawrence is just as possible. Really I don't know maybe Naomi Watts could upset.

Supporting Actor: Jones can easily win here, I don't see Hoffman stopping him simply because it seems it might be a struggle simply for The Master to recognized at all considering Sag only recognized him out of the cast. DiCaprio could though as maybe he was forgotten at Sag simply due to the lateness of Django release.

Supporting Actress: Hathaway seems pretty safe here.

I am all around excited right now though due to the incredible amount of previous winners and nominees in the running.

joe burns said...

I know, it's amazing!!!!

Yes, Z.D.T is getting controversial, but I think it may fuel it's buzz, plus the controversy is starting to come in early, which is a good sign that it'll taper off when the nominations come out. The rest, I agree, but I just felt lilke going on a limb for Hpoffman, because another win for Lee Jones would be so boring.

Louis Morgan said...

It would be boring but that is one thing the academy does not mind being.

dinasztie said...

I think Argo can pull off a surprise (?) Best Picture & Director win, though I doubt that it will receive many nominations and wins. I hope ZD30 will get it, it's amazing + The Hurt Locker was really controversial as well. I think this one is actually better than that.

I'm also hoping for Jessica, a win for her would be richly deserved for many reasons. I'll be really pissed if she loses to anyone besides Emmanuelle Riva.

Actor is of course DDL, for his slightly boring, but fine performance (Jean-Louis Trigntignant owns that category, IMO).

Supporting Actor is confusing, I think it can go many ways. BS Actress seems to be Anne Hathaway and I really don't understand what's Oscar-worthy about her performance where she does nothing besides her big song, which is fine and indeed the best thing of that terrible movie, but nothing remotely Oscar-worthy (sorry, I know you liked the film, I really did not). Nicole should probably pull off an upset, but she may not even be nominated...

joe burns said...

Oh, you've seen it too!?!!! Too bad that they're only showing it at midnight (Osama was killed at midnight, so I suppose that's the reason they're doing it) and over the hill as well, so it's nt easy to get to where I live!! Anyways, I doubt Argo will win. Those 3 films (Lincoln, Z.D.T, and Les Miz seem to strong to beat right now), but it depends on where the precursors go. Given they'll all be around Oscar nomination time, it'll make things very interesting.

I'm glad you didn't love Day-Lewis as much, I thought he was good, but I never found him that spectacular. I need to see lincoln again though. I haven't seen Riva yet and I really want to!

Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree, because I think she does impressive work earlier and after that big moment and I think performance is the type that builds and builds, but obviously you didn't feel that way. You've seen Nicole too? God, you two have seen everything!!