Sunday, January 27, 2013

SAG Results!!!

Yay for Anne!! I'm so happy to see her win!!

Anyway, this makes Argo the official frontrunner to win Best Picture now and it also makes Anne and Daniel Day-Lewis near locks. And I'm, so glad for Jennifer!!! What a deserving win! It seems like she's edged out Chastain, but it's not over yet for Jessica or Jennifer for that matter. This also puts Best Supporting Actor as the most mysterious category this year. It'll be really cool if the BAFTA goes to somebody else too :).

Anyway, what did you think? Are you happy about the winners?


Louis Morgan said...

I was skeptical about Argo with only the globe and critics win, but now I think it will win despite its lack of a director nomination. It has both PGA, and more importantly the ensemble award. It was the type of best picture predictor win rather than truly the best ensemble win, so I think it will go all the way. I have to say though that means director will be quite interesting to watch.

Actor: I don't see Day-Lewis losing.

Actress: I think Lawrence has this honestly even if she loses Bafta. Silver Linings will win one of its four acting nominations I'm sure so she probably will win.

Supporting Actor: I hope Jones loses Bafta to Waltz. I think Jones probably will win in the end though.

Supporting Actress: I don't see Hathaway losing. Les Miserables did better at the BAFTAS than the Oscars so I don't see an upset there.

I did not care too much for Argo as I feel at least three of the ensembles were better. Yes Argo was consistent but only because it had one level of good performances whereas Lincoln went from good to great.

Actor was great I hope he does go all the way.

Actress was good I preferred Chastain but I liked Lawrence as well.

Supporting Actor was disappointing. Jones just wasn't that great. I would have preferred Hoffman as what I have seen from the trailers for the Master impressed me more than the whole of Jones's performance.

Supporting Actress was good as well.

4 out of 6 deserving winners isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

I like Argo plenty, but I really don't see why actors would think it was the best acting achievement of they year. Each of the other nominees (including Best Exotic) had more interesting, risky, and ultimately better acting. It's definitely the frontrunner for the Oscar, but I'm not going to say it's an absolute lock ala The King's Speech/The Artist quite yet. But I don't know what would beat it....

Very pleased with Day-Lewis, Jones, and even Hathaway's wins. I've warmed up to JLaw's perf and cooled on Jessica's, so I was fine with that win (Marion unseen). Strangely Naomi Watts has become my favorite contender? Idk, I really need to watch Riva. I think this year will end up being a predictable one in terms of acting wins (Day-Lewis/Lawrence/Jones/Hathaway).

joe burns said...

It does seem likely that Lawrence will though, but I just can't give up on Riva winning!! I hope Jones won't win too!

really hope not, Derek!!! I think Riva will win Best Actress, I just have a hunch!! And I definitely don't think Jones is a lock.

Anonymous said...

I don't think either Lawrence or Jones is a lock by any means, and Riva, Chastain, Waltz, De Niro, or even Hoffman could win.

But I sort of have a feeling everyone is to debate on who will win those two categories for the next month, and then it will turn out to be who we all assumed it would be in October, lol. And we'll all feel stupid. :)

Nues20 said...

Loved the SAGs!
I think Jennifer has the Oscar definitely locked now!
Mmmm... my mother and I just finished our BAFTA voting last weekend.
I'll be interested to see who wins. :)