Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globe Results!!!!

Well, Argo has now become a strong contender and the new frontrunner for Best Picture!! I had a feeling it would win after Ben Afleck did, and I have a feeling it could take Best Picture as well. I think Speilberg will win Director though. This was actually a really great and funny Golden Globes show, much better then last years.

Anyways, the Globes simply made DDL a bigger lock and Chastain and Lawrence the frontrunners for Best Actress, eclipsing Naomi Watts. In fact, I feel that she has the least chance of the nominees now, given Wallis, Rivera, Lawrence, and Chastain are all in Best Picture nominees. Hugh's win makes him the runner-up to Day-Lewis, though I doubt anyone can beat him now. Poor Bradley Cooper!! It also helps Anne, and makes Christoph Waltz look stronger too. That was a shock! I know you must be happy, Louis!!! I missed Meryl tonight by the way! And congrats to Les Mis!

Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK OUT MY MERYL STREEP IN THE IRON LADY REVIEW. I'm capitalizing because people hardly ever comment on recent older posts, and I've been moving fast and doing a lot of coverage of the awards season lately. But I think you'll be interested in Meryl's review, :).


Louis Morgan said...

Due to the fact that I pretty much liked all the award season films this year I liked almost all the film winners especially Christoph Waltz.

joe burns said...

Oh, that's great for you!!!! I've been loving this year too!! What was the last great year for you? 2007 or 2006?

Which year should I do next as my A Look Back series BTW? Any requests? or reccomenations?

Louis Morgan said...

Well none come close when it comes to picture really as I usually dislike at least one of the five recently usually more. For example 2008 I really do not like any of the nominees. This year though I like 6 of the 8. One I still think is okay, and the last one Amour I just have not watched yet.